OSTC BIG NEWS! and Update 5/1-5/4






Look above for photos of OSTC #3 & #4!

That’s right!  We have two new trolleys!  They are being prepared to go into service in the next few weeks!

Once they are in service, OSTC #1 (our current trolley) will be going up to Cape Cod for the summer and OSTC #2 (the bus) will still be around for a backup.

As you may have noticed, when a rental has overlapped with our regular route we have had to use the bus instead.  With these two new Boyertown trolleys (similar to the “Beach Bum trolley” we used during Mardi Gras) we hope to have a trolley on the route at all times.

Lastly, Happy Birthday (4/29/14) Miss Ann Margaret Bullen.


OSTC Update 5/1-5/4

Thursday, May 1: Standard Route (Melvin)

Friday, May 2: Standard Route (Donald)

Saturday, May 3: Standard Route (Melvin)



Stay Dry!








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