OSTC Update April 3-5


OSTC Update April 3-5

Thursday 4/3: Standard Route (Melvin) –  Trolley may be diverted to The Temple for Mobile Arts Council fundraiser (see below).

Friday 4/4: Standard Route

Note:  We have had an unexpected loss of a driver for Friday and the route may start late (6:30-7pm) so if you are planning to ride Friday on the first or second route please contact us. Thank you.

Saturday 4/5: Standard Route (Melvin)


Relive a 1984 Prom – and support Mobile Arts Council

Thursday, April 3, 7-10pm –  The Temple Downtown (351 St. Francis St.)

Déjà vu! Like this special evening is like for Girls (and Guys) that Just Want to Have Fun! DJ Hunter Clarke will be spinnin’ all of the most bitchin’ music that you have like seen and heard on MTV! And for the first time, we will be using a mind-blowing laser light show! Punch (spiked) and some of your favorite snacks will help to keep the party goin’!  Be sure to stuff your pockets and purses with lots of dollar bills to vote for this year’s Royal Couple! With like so many totally radical couples* in the running, like competition is going to be like totally intense! You can be totally gnarly with guys in sharp pastel tuxes and ladies in their Madonna-inspired leather and lace or just show up totally chillin.’ It will be like righteous!

Tickets are just $20 – on Brown Paper Tickets and at MAC (318 Dauphin St.).


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