Joe Cain Procession Feb. 10, 2013

OSTC MARDI GRAS & 1/16-18 Update

Please read the entire announcement for important information:

Thursday 1/16: Third Thursday Route (Ishee/St. Anthony)
Friday 1/17: Standard Route
Saturday 1/18: Standard Route


  • The trolley will run every night there is a parade in Mobile (Route A).
  • The trolley will run all day (roughly 9am until 11:30pm or later) from Saturday 3/1 to Tuesday 3/4.
  • The trolley will make every effort to stop at barn/den and other parties for which there is enough interest from 3/1 to 3/4. The trolley will also stop at the Civic Center for balls which have enough interest. Note the routes will be adjusted for these special events and announced in advance.
  • The trolley may have the opportunity to participate in certain parade activities – if so efforts will be made to allow as many members to participate as possible.
  • Note: at this time we are anticipating only allowing two guests per member during Carnival – and possibly no guests at certain times.
  • These plans are tentative.

So if you have friends who want to use the trolley during Mardi Gras – APPLY NOW.

Note the trolley was standing room only last Friday – as soon as the trolley is frequently full we will have to close membership – so that is not too far away.


In order to accommodate the extra hours during Mardi Gras – On “slow nights” until then where only a few people ride then the drivers will go on “standby” after the 2nd route and will wait along the route until they are called.  This will save gas and money. So a pickup time and place can be arranged with the driver to make it more convenient – either by phone or on the ride down.  The best way to ensure pickup is to make a reservation.

Please contact us for any questions!