OSTC Update 12/26-31: Merry Christmas & Happy Moonpie


OSTC Update 12/26-31:

Merry Christmas & Happy Moonpie


Thursday 12/26: Standard Route

Friday 12/27: Standard Route

Saturday 12/28: Standard Route

Tuesday 12/31 NEW YEARS EVE:  The trolley will be running on the Standard Route with one extra loop with a pickup after midnight downtown.  We are waiting for details on road closures for the Moonpie Drop to finalize the pickup location near Royal St.


  • A sign-in sheet is now on the trolley for members and their guests. Please sign in yourself and any guests.
  • Guests are $5 per person per one-way trip.  This will be charged to the member’s credit card on file.
  • During popular events, such as Mardi Gras, the number of guests allowed will be limited or non-existent in order to accommodate members.  If you have a friend wanting to ride the trolley for Mardi Gras you may want to advise them to go ahead and apply for membership at the website – http://www.oldshelltrolleyclub.com.
  • We are still in “beta testing” mode with our online tracker which has become unresponsive at times.  The drivers have been advised to strictly maintain the published schedule on the website.  Thank you for your patience as we work out the optimal way to track the trolley.

Thank you again for you support in enjoyable and worthwhile endeavor that we hope will advance our city.

Happy New Year!


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